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Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident you might be entitled to compensation.

We have the experience and resources to help you get the compensation you deserve. We help in many ways, including:
  • Locate all the insurance coverage and identify all defendants
  • Deal with the insurance company so you do not have to
  • Gather documentation such as police reports, medical records, and lost wage information
  • Stay apprised of your medical care and document all your damages
  • Build your case to show why the defendant was at fault
  • Advise you and provide recommendations so you can make informed decisions about your case

My Car Accident Lawyer

Thousands of car accidents happen every day in the U.S. From minor fender benders to devastating and deadly wrecks, car accidents are frequently associated with personal injury law. Many people mistakenly believe minor crashes are no cause for legal concern. In reality, no crash is minor. Any car collision that causes whiplash can have long-term effects on the victim. Spinal cord injury and chronic pain are frequently reported injuries associated with minor crashes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, we urge you to consult an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney who specializes in car accident injured will know the laws in your area and can provide you with the information needed to make decisions in the aftermath of the accident. Contact Legal Associates today for your FREE case review.